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Soaring Free Superfoods GOJI BERRIES

R 948.70 ZAR

Soaring Free Superfoods products are certified organic or wildcrafted & certified pesticide-free, guaranteeing far higher levels of trace minerals and nutrients and negligible levels of pesticide contamination. Our bodies are efficient at absorbing nutrients from real food, so choosing organic foods is one of the most profound ways of improving your health.


The health benefits of goji are said to be:

• REDUCE STRESS - adaptogenic, tonic food which supports the kidneys
• COMPLETE PROTEIN - 18 amino acids for brain function & a stronger body
• PROTECTS AGAINST OXIDATIVE STRESS - high in antioxidants that transform free radicals & reduce premature aging
• ENERGY BOOSTING - 21 trace minerals & polysaccharides for a stronger immune system & energised body
• PREVENTS DISEASE - high in antioxidants for less free radical damage
• SKIN SUPER BERRY - boosts human growth hormone for youthful, supple skin
• BETTER DIGESTION - stimulates and improves your digestive system
• BETTER HEART HEALTH - helps keep your arterial walls cholesterol-free
• IMPROVES EYESIGHT - an excellent source of carotenoids to strengthen the eyes
• BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM - is adaptogenic & contains polysaccharides for a stronger immune system


Add a small handful of goji to a glass of warm water with lemon. Enjoy as a dried fruit snack, added to teas, smoothies, sprinkled over salads, muesli, or blended into soups or broths. Children also love to snack on goji.
Recommended 10 – 30g daily.

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