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Shweshwe Pet Beds

R 430.00 ZAR


Our custom Shweshwe pet beds are expertly crafted to provide optimal comfort for your pets, whether they are lounging indoors or enjoying the outdoors. These beds are made using recycled plastic offcuts, making them environmentally friendly, and are stuffed with this material for added support.

We cover the beds with water-resistant canvas to ensure durability and protection against water. The outer cover of our pet beds is made from Shweshwe fabric, a traditional fabric known for its vibrant patterns and high quality. This fabric is easy to remove and wash, allowing for convenient maintenance and cleanliness. In addition to the standard Shweshwe cover, we also offer a variety of outer Shweshwe covers that you can order separately to change up the look of your pet's bed. We take pride in supporting our local community by sourcing our Shweshwe fabric from local producers.

Our community-based seamstresses and interns play a crucial role in manufacturing these beautiful pet beds, ensuring that each product is made with care and attention to detail. Choose our custom Shweshwe pet beds for comfort, style, and sustainability. Your furry friends will thank you for it!

Cuddler: Soft outer rind.

Small, Medium, and Large available

You can choose from various colors, but the patterns may differ depending on the availability of materials. Nonetheless, the base color will remain consistent.

Made up of:

  • Recycled plastic (sourced from a community-based factory)
  • Original ShweShwe
  • Waterproof Canvas inner
  • Betting

 Small: L-80cm x W-70cm

Medium: L-117cm x W-77cm

Large: L-121cm x W-90cm

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